棟方志功And椿館 - It's simple, but deep.

椿館And棟方志功Encounter with the painter

 棟方志功Encounter with the painter

1941(1941year)Lemon Painter in shallow insect life小館 善四郎氏The companionship began when the painter was 38 years old by the introduction of .

Since he was living in a pass in Tokyo, he came with his family every year, and he stayed in Shiodome for one to two months, but in 1945 and 26 he was evacuated to Fukumitsu-cho, Nanto City, Toyama Prefecture, and later died and had come 71 years old the year before he died.

The painter was looking forward to writing oil paintings and drawings (which he called paintings as a samurai painting), and he thought that his job was plate painting. I came to the hotel to rest, so I didn't bring the tools for the board painting of work, but because it was something that motivated me to make, I made various works and left them. Therefore, most of the works in the museum are hand-drawn.

There was a story at the time of the whole collection of the painter, but it is only the work which does not take the whole collection because father died and it was a mess.

When there is no coronation ceremony, etc., I am the 18th generation.伊右衛門about 20 minutes from 19:50 in the lobby. If you would like to listen to the lecture, please confirm and make a reservation in advance.

 「板散華」 (Published in 1943)

There is a splendid garden in the hot spring inn of the rose where I live. The gardener of Morioka was pulled, and the young master of today's蝦名氏I heard that my grandfather made it up with his soul. Even now, the widow of the previous generation grows the grass one by one, and it picks the weed which does not need so.
There are two shares apart from daisuke that it became a hot spring name here. It is a pity that one strain was broken by a stormy snow in the winter of last year, but the greatness of Fuseki has made a name for itself in this garden.

The place of the Ono standing of Meiji Tenko is cleaned, it is fenced, and the floor which leaks is worshiped from the outside, and morning and evening are worshiped from the outside, and it is a waste, and it is awe- and it is palm.

Various birds come to this garden of the history and crawl. It was said that the rose also came in the summer, and I did not know the name of the bird, but I got used to the bird which came near the shoji at the same time every morning which barked and squealed. It's summer, and the cicadas are making noise all day long, like occasional rain, and the sound of insects is still alive at night. It's still ringing.

I'm not椿宿I like it. My husband is young and cheerful today. Because it is said that it is rotten in the cultivation of shiitake mushrooms, the face always shines in the discourse. Shiitake bayashi continues to the mountain of one in front of the house, and the mountain of the self-possession of baba mountain Zuti after all. Then there is another signboard of a thick plate that won this historic hot spring inn. It's a really good character. The writer is said to be unknown, but it is a correct book that showed the opening in solemn, and it is actually written in the tsuji ryokan and three letters, and it is solemnly.

Unfortunately, i have a lot of back ink, so it's a shame that I'm a little weak. Writing hemp steam for the first time for a month is endless. There are still famous places to write in front of Zenchitori and Tsugaru Koyasan, and there is no limit to the legend that the famous hot springs have, such as the rose, willow, and Takasago, if you stretch the brush.

——I hear that the place name of asamushi used to be made by steaming hemp. I used "Amamushi" in this essay using my old name for this subject.—–

~「板散華」(Published in 1943)~


World-class plate painter棟方志功The Playfulness of the Painter

「棟志功」It is a following that the southern painters of the Edo period used three Chinese-style names, and therefore, they are used not in board paintings, but in maki-e and folding-screen works.
30It was used a lot in the teens.
50In the works of the teens「棟氏志功」may also be used.

棟方The print work of " ... It is often used as a fence of]. The fence is the one connected by the pile that was struck,志功"Fence" of, including the meaning of connecting , "tag(Satsu)It is possible to make the fence by hitting one by one pile like the payment bill of the pilgrimage of Shikoku 88 places through, and paying one bill one bill.

The legal eye is the priest position after the sign, and the lower part of the law is the law bridge position. In 1961, he received the Hobashi position from Shohorinji Temple, and in 37 he received the hoganposition from Toyama Nisshinji Temple. In the same year, he was re-received from Horinji Temple. "Is it true?(water under each)" is志功The legal name of the . Kai(water under each)is the same character of the sea, a national treasure of The Koyasan KuraKu Kai brush, the Hannyashin Sutra, "Is it empty?(water under each)Signature is seen.

It stands for the Hogan-Wa-Naoposition. The monk rank after the buddhist seal. After the Middle Ages, the title was given to doctors, painters, Buddhist priests, and poets in accordance with monks.
Note: Hoin-Ho-Eye-Hobashi

志功and the same tone. July 7, 1974,「棟方」And the character of the heavy character picture that「志功」Considering the balance of the characters, the letter "Kei" is(The Rising Sun)It was announced that the name will be changed to This character is not a "subaru, a beautiful star in the pleiades cluster" but志功uses star-shaped signs instead of traditional orcrutic signs.
However, on December 12, six months later, he returned to his real name as "It's stupid to throw away the name that Twiu Kaka and his parents gave him."
志功To志昂It was not only this time that it signed, and there was the character of "Ai" for the convenience of the arrangement when writing the articles of incorporation before that.
One example is the books "Wind" and "Water" in 1972.

Orimatsuba and wild chrysanthemum sign
It is used to sign a board painting. Orimatsuba is the cut of the cutlery of his father Kokichi, who was also a master blacksmith, and wild chrysanthemums have a desire to be strong and clean like wild chrysanthemums that bloom softly on the roadside. Signs since 1973 also show the one in the previous star shape.

Aoi and 10 tsubo 3
sign of the last years. It is not possible to divide even if it divides it with infinity whether it leads to leaving the infinite aftertaste either either.

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