【2021】Asami Fishing Park starts

Aomori's very popular leisure spot Asagusa Sea Fishing Park will open from April 29th! Hello. It is a long-established ryokan "Tsubakikan" in Asagusa Onsen in Aomori. It is a historical hot spring inn with 9 springs of its own spring source. As I have introduced in this article before, the shallow insect sea life park that protrudes into the treasure trove of seafood "Rikuoku Bay" is a facility that can be enjoyed widely by both children and women as a leisure spot of the sea. During Golden Week, it is also good to enjoy leisurely fishing at the Asagusa Sea Fishing Park! For a meal after fishing, how about a spicy curry from the inn Tsubaki? < is an example of spicy curry> △ Aigake Indian curry. It is a South Indian curry with master seeds, fenugreek seeds, tamarind and coconut milk. It is a little spicy and you can enjoy ♪ a different spiciness from spicy curry △ Aigake spicy curry and chicken curry white. You can also order the Aigake menu individually. Three kinds of seeds are also available. Popular 3 kinds of combination Spicy curry Indian curry chicken curry White spicy curry Molino curry pork curry Spicy curry umino curry Evino curry For those who are not good at spiciness, we also have Chama Curry. Day trip bath ticket spicy curry set: 1,000 yen is also very popular. (Aigake and toppings are not included) ※ Please bring towels. Now, going back to Rikuoku Bay, it is said that the snowmelt accumulated in Mount Hakkoda, one of the world's leading heavy snowfall areas, brings abundant nutrients, and many plankton live there, and thanks to the fact that they create a good ecosystem, delicious seafood grows abundantly. Speaking of a typical fish that filters and eats plankton, sardines are famous, but a school of Kamiru deer enters Rikuoku Bay at this time (late April ~ late June) in search of this group of sardines. It is said that at many times you may encounter a herd of as many as 300 Camaleas. On the Mutsu Bay Ferry, which connects the Tsugaru Peninsula and Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture, it seems that the "Dolphin Presence Campaign" will be held to coincide with the start of operation this year, so how about dolphin watching in Rikuoku Bay on this occasion?

A-Paradise2020 Asamushi Beach Story - What We Can Do in Town Now -

A-Paradise 2020 Asagusa Coast Story ~What We Can Do in the City Now~" was introduced. Hello. It is a long-established ryokan "Tsubakikan" in Asagusa Onsen. It is a historical hot spring inn with 9 springs of its own spring source. For more information about the hotel, please visit our website. First of all, please see here. A-Paradise2020 Asagusa Coast Story The "A-Paradise Subcommittee" of the Aomori Arts Council, a citizens' group that promotes cultural and artistic creative activities in Aomori City, has produced a video work titled "A-Paradise 2020 Asagusa Coast Story ~What We Can Do in the City Now~" set in the Asagusa district of the city. Through short dramas, introduction of sightseeing spots, art documents, and music, he conveys the charm of shallow insects for 90 minutes. Everyone, I would like you to take a look. (The museum will come out about 25 minutes later) Thank you to everyone involved in the production. The article is here The very popular "Spicy Curry Spring Kake-Flowing Hot Spring" is hereTsubakikan's original popular product "Scallop Snack" mail order site using scallops from Rikuoku Bay is here

Popular Activities of Asami "SUP"

With the very popular activity "SUP" (sup) of Asagusa Onsen, enjoy the beautiful Rikuoku Bay! Hello. Thank you for your support. It is a long-established ryokan Tsubakikan in Asagusa Onsen, Aomori Prefecture. The Aomori Prefecture residents only get a 5,500 yen discount per night "Aomori Accommodation Campaign" and there are still a few rooms left. Please make a reservation from here. Now, do you know the marine activity "SUP" that is currently being talked about? SUP is a stand-up paddleboard that has become very popular in recent years. It is a water sport that originated in Hawaii and you can enjoy riding the waves and walking on the sea while paddle. SUP is said to have an exercise effect and is a popular sport for women. Being able to see the scenery from a high perspective is one of the attractions of SUP. Most people can enjoy SUP after practicing for about an hour. In addition, SUP (sup) is also suitable for training to tighten the trunk, as it has to balance on unstable water. The appeal of SUP is that you can enjoy yoga with a completely different feeling from the usual yoga on land, because you can do yoga while feeling the sea breeze swayed by the waves. You can wear a wetsuit and enjoy it until around the end of October. All wetsuits and equipment can be rented, so you can enjoy empty-handed if you prepare a change of clothes. The price is 3,300 yen ~ including equipment and insurance, which is easy. At Asagusa Sunset Beach, two SUP courses are available. ◆ "Asagusa Onsen SUP Experience" 1-hour lesson course for beginners ◆ "Asagusa Onsen SUP Tour" course to travel 2 hours on the sea while guiding the guide to Rikuoku Bay Spice curry official Twitter About Asagusa Onsen SUP

Leisure course of the sea fishing great satisfaction casually in Rikuoku Bay

If you want to casually fish in Aomori, how about "Asagusa Sea Hanging Park"? After fishing, enjoy hot springs and gourmet curry on a very satisfying leisure course. Hello. It is a long-established ryokan "Tsubakikan" in Asagusa Onsen in Aomori. It is a historical hot spring inn with 9 springs of its own spring source. For more information about the hotel, please visit our website. Thanks to all of you, our hotel and sister museums have received the "Rakuten Award". I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the staff. Well, this time I would like to write about "Asagusa Sea Fishing Park". The Shallow Insect Sea-Zuri Park, which juts out into Rikuoku Bay, a treasure trove of seafood, is a facility that can be enjoyed by a wide range of children and women alike as a leisure spot on the sea. Source: Asagusa Onsen Tourism Association The facility has fishing gear and bait, etc., and the staff is in charge of ensuring safety and providing fishing guidance. The rooftop is an observation deck. Receiving the refreshing breeze of Rikuoku Bay, hanging fishing line... Such a holiday is also good. Please come with your family. The sea park set up 110 m off the coast of the tourist port has a water depth of 7 ~ 9 m, the seabed is flat and the difference in tides is 0.9 m, and the tide is fast, so it is easy for fish to gather, so it is enough to enjoy alone or with a family. During the season from May to October, there is also an abundance of fish, such as oil, flounder, soy, mebal, black bream, striped sea bream and inada. Please check here for details on how to use this service. Source: Asagusa Onsen Tourism Association After enjoying at the sea fishing park, take a break at the hot spring of "Tsubakikan". The usage time of the day-trip hot spring is 12:00 ~ 19:00 (last reception 18:30) We are waiting for your coming. It is a deal limited to Tsubakikan day trip bathing users We sell a discount ticket that you can enjoy for 650 yen at the place where the spicy curry of the sister inn Tsubaki of the hotel which has been popular is sold for 700 yen for one person usually curry. Take a leisurely hot spring bath at Tsubakikan Delicious spicy curry at inn TsubakiWhy don't you enjoy it? There are also toppings and aigake menus. Click here for the menu Fishing at Asagusa Sea Fishing Park→ Day trip hot spring at Tsubakikan→ Route overview of gourmet curry at the inn Tsubaki ************************************************************************************ Take-out of the topic of spicy curry is also on sale, so it may be sold out, so we would appreciate it if you could make a reservation. Click here to make a reservation (toll-free) Take-out information for spicy curry and pizza Click here for spicy curry specialty store, if you have not yet known here. Spice Curry Official Twitter