A trip to meet dolphins in Asamushi|Asamushi Dolphin Watching

From Asamushi Sunset Beach!
Meet wild dolphins
Dolphins swimming in Mutsu BayPlease come and see it.

Source: Aomori/Mutsu Bay Dolphin Information Facebook page

As I mentioned the other day,We are in the middle of the season when you can meet wild dolphins in Mutsu Bay!

Great news!

What! This time, with the cooperation of Marine Service Like A Dolphin Co., Ltd.,
Dolphin watching from Asamushi Sunset Beach has started!

Immediately, the proprietress of our museum also participated in the "demonstration experiment"!

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Hello.Aomori's浅虫温泉A long-established inn in「椿館」Are.

NOTE:How to read
椿館:Tsubaki-Kan(Hotel name)
浅虫:ASAMUSHI(Place name)
浅虫温泉:ASAMUSHI Hot spring

Nine self-owned fountainsA historic hot spring inn with free flowing hot springsAre.
For more information about the hotel, seeホームページTake a look at:

The best season for Mutsu Bay dolphin watching has arrived!
4June is the best time to meet wild dolphins. Why don't you take this opportunity to meet the dynamic and cute dolphins?

Click here for reservations and details of Asamushi dolphin watching

Asamushi Sunset Beach is about 4 minutes by car (14 minutes on foot) from the hotel.

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It is the hot spring of the pride of the hotel,9"Tsubaki-no-Yu" gushes out from the source of the book's own hot spring is a simple hot spring(hypothynous weakly alkaline high hot spring),Even those with weak skin can enjoy it. There is also a beauty effectIt is a hot spring with a heat that is hard to cool down. There is also an open-air bath.

We are the first hot spring in the prefecture to get permission to drink hot springs and serve them with source dishes.

After healing your daily fatigue in the hot spring椿館InThe hotel's proud dinner is served with delicious mountain and sea products seasoned in AomoriPlease enjoy it.

When traveling to Aomori for a hot spring trip"250 Popular Hot Spring Ryokan Hotels 5 Stars"Inn,浅虫温泉 椿館 Please order.

(Front desk staff can also speak English)

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