Please come to Aomori at a great price with the nationwide travel support campaign

Nationwide Travel Support Campaign Held!
How about a trip to Aomori on this occasion?

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全国旅行支援 青森旅行

* Please check the precautions when using this campaign.

The autumn of Reiwa 4 has deepened a lot, but how are you all doing?
9 inns with private hot springs,Asamushi Onsen TsubakikanIt is.

Well, this time"Nationwide Travel Support Campaign"will be held.

Why don't you take advantage of this opportunity to take a hot spring trip to Aomori?

Previously, I introduced it on my blog before it was registered as a World Heritage Site, but it was successfully registered as a World Heritage Site in 2021."Jomon Archaeological Sites in Northern Tohoku, Hokkaido"

Among them Japan the Sannai-Maruyama Ruins, one of the largest Jomon settlement ruins and designated as a national special historic site.

To trace the ruins of Jomon that have been revived in modern times,
It is recommended to join a tour led by a volunteer guide.
Excited by the eternal ancient romanceIt is a recommended spot to be made.

The official website of the Sannai-Maruyama Ruins isHere

Click here for the introduction video of our hotel▼

For more information about the hotel, seeホームページPlease take a look.

The homepage is here.
浅虫温泉の宿 椿館ロゴ

If it is from the smartphone, you will get a phone call by clicking.
浅虫温泉の宿 椿館フリーダイヤル


Sister building "Shukuya Tsuba"Spicy curry of the topic

Menu using summer vegetables joins the group
"Ratatouille" in which vegetables are stewed in white wine

Cut pork in red wine
A sour and spicy summer staple "Summer vegetable pork vindal"

Today, I spent the summer alone with the spicy curry of the inn Tsubaki
Please enjoy it by all means.

July 16 (Sat) and 17 (Sun)
For the first time in three yearsAsamushi Onsen Nebuta Festivalwill be held.

Click here for the menu

Spicy curry of the topicTake-out is also on sale with rave reviews
It may be sold out, so we would appreciate it if you could make a reservation.
Click here to make a reservation (toll-free number)

Spicy curry specialty store, yetIf you didn't know, click here.Please take a look.

Blend more than 20 kinds of spices without any flourAndAuthentic original curry made from ichi We offer.

Spice Curry Sales Information
Business days: Tuesday to Sunday
Closed: Monday

business hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00~14:30
Sunday: 11:00~15:00

Sold out information, etc. in delivery
Spice Curry Official Twitter

Location: 039-3501 Oji Asamushi Hotarutani 25, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture

In the future, Tsubakikan, inn Tsubaki Thank you both.