Delicious soy sauce (tangeme!) ) Scallop peperoncino pasta sauce

With students of Aomori Commercial High School
A high school student from Taiwan has developed a pasta sauce using Aomori scallops!

Pasta sauce of friendship born across the sea

"Delicious soy sauce tangeme"

High School Student Challenge to Connect Aomori and the World through Business

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Product Description
【About the origin of the product name】
On the cover, the product name "Tangeme!" means "very delicious" in the Tsugaru dialect.

Since this is a product that is also considering export to Taiwan, we apply "Tangeme" yomigana to the Chinese word "Bimi-janjanjan".

【Raw material name】
Scallops (from Mutsu Bay, Aomori Prefecture), edible olive oil, garlic, soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), kelp extract, scallop extract seasoning, chili pepper/seasoning (amino acids, etc.)

【About scallops】
This pasta sauce uses scallops from Mutsu Bay, Aomori Prefecture.

We will introduce the points of deliciousness.

・Scallops from Mutsu Bay contain a lot of amino acids and glycine, which are umami ingredients.

・ Scallops from Mutsu Bay are low in toxicity thanks to abundant water, there is almost no suspension of shipment or health hazard, and it is attractive that we can stably provide safe and secure products to customers.

・ Ajinomoto no Kaku no Ya adopts the boil manufacturing method, the cooking time is short, and heat enters at once, so the umami taste is trapped and the tactile feeling is also pre-puried. In addition, since the umami taste flows to the side where the salt content is thin, the amount of salt is adjusted when boiling, and cooking so that the umami taste does not escape.

Source: Quoted from the Aomori Prefectural Commercial High School website

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