Asamushi Onsen Gourmet With Delicious Curry, Immunity Up

In front of Asami Onsen Station Authentic spicy curry specialty store in "Shukuya Tsubaki"We have opened.

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Blend more than 20 kinds of spices without any flourAndAuthentic original curry made from ichi We offer.

Hello everyone!
Asamu Onsen 9Self-sourced flow of books and the yukari of Sigong MingofHistorical inn "Kashiwakan"It is.
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Thanks to you, we opened a sister house."Real Spicy Curry" is very popularI have received,Sold out every dayWe have been.

This spice curry has aSeveral kinds of toppings and several kinds of "Aiye" on a daily changeWe have prepared aIt is popular with everyone as a curry that does not get tired of wanting to eat again and againWe have received.

The image isScallop BlackというSquid ink and scallop curry
浅虫温泉のカレー あいがけ

In addition to this,A variety of "Ai-Yinge" menu using seasonal ingredients from time to timeOther of the

Homemade prosciutst, homemade hamburger, homemade smoked chicken, etc.There is.

"Home smoked seasoned half-boiled egg" is presented to the first 30 people every day.

What's the price?
Spice curry: 700 yen (spicy can be selected)
Ai for 1,000 yen (includes the price of spicy curry)
Toppings: 200 yen
Desserts: 300 yen
Soft drink: 300 yen (Dessert set: 500 yen)
After-meal coffee: 100 yen
Hot spring set: 1000 yen (set of one-day hot spring and curry)
(Fees are Reiwa as of March 2016)

Thankfully,I introduced it in the region column of today's Yomiuri Shimbun!


2020March 3, 2010 Yomiuri Shimbun Regional Column

Spice Curry Sales Information
Business days: Tuesday to Sunday
Closed: Monday

Business hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 11:00~14:30/17:30~20:00
Sunday: 11:00~17:00

5What is the regular holiday of the month?
7It is 8th, 11th, 18th and 25th.
Sold out information, etc. in delivery
Spice Curry Official Twitter


I offer this spicy curry.
Access to sister building "Innya Tsubaki" is here▼

Inn Tsubaki
Location: 039-3501 Oji Asamushi Hotarutani 25, Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture

If you like curry, please drop in when you come to Asamushi Onsen.


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